#2012taughtme: A Collection of Thoughts

2012 meant a lot of things to a lot of people.

Here are some things learned last year from some of the smartest people I know:

  • @iamwalrus1: #2012taughtme a bunch of life lessons – got married, took a honeymoon, renovated, dad retired
  • @chevenee: #2012taughtme its really amazing to be in a relationship with someone you love so much
  • @nickbrubaker: #2012taughtme my thirties may be my best decade yet

So what did I learn, well… #2012taughtme you never know what life will bring you but you gotta be ready for it. 

What did you learn? Send me a tweet @socialibriumm with the hashtag @2012taughtme

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