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Influencing Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Online Influencers

Now available from Routledge!

Influencing Health 3D coverHave you ever eaten at a restaurant based on a recommendation from a friend? Has a friend ever seen a movie because you gave it rave reviews? Most likely, you have. In doing so, you have participated in some form of peer-to-peer marketing, albeit informal. More recently, these peer-to-peer influences have migrated online as evinced by the popularity of Amazon reviews and apps like Yelp. Finding a dentist in your area is as easy as a quick Google search. Finding a good Reiki provider is as easy as using the “Recommendations” feature on Facebook. Finding a gym that is open 24 hours can now be done with just a few clicks using Yelp.

However, the world of online influence is bigger and more diverse that just a series of digital tools—and more and more, we are engaging with them for health-related information. The emergence of everyday online opinion leaders has created a whole new market for shifting consumer perceptions and behaviors. In fact, many of these everyday online opinion leaders have built such large social media presences that they now have the voice, the platform, and the following to reach millions of people with personal points of view on any number of topics. The opportunities for engaging with online influencers to support marketing and health promotion programs are great; however, navigating this online community is new to many people.

Understanding how this online community works, the opportunities for paid and unpaid engagements, and the value that health programs, specifically, have with this community, is paramount to successfully working with online influencers. This book draws from research with over 400 online influencers, the latest industry data, and practical, real-world experiences working with influencers over the past ten years. An easy-to-read guide for marketers and health communicators alike, this book leverages storytelling as a means for sharing lessons learned and providing readers with practical knowledge about the online marketing industry and influencer community.